Today it is more important than ever to reduce and control costs with technology and documentation being the lifeblood of any organisation because the more you know, the better you perform.

Our solutions reach far and beyond the realm of print applying technology to vastly improve how a business records, captures, stores, accesses and actions its documents and the data they contain.

By tailoring the best scanning, digitisation and automation tools you can optimise your workflow and eliminate paper documents and create a fully electronic version that will keep your data fully compliant with GDPR.

Flexible processing workflow gives you streamlined document processing tasks of any complexity. Documents are classified, recognised, verified and transferred into reliable, accurate, searchable and highly structured electronic data.


Departmental Solutions

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Accounts Payable

Control the process and costs by adding our end-to-end solution to gain control and add automation for cost savings, quality management and scalability.

  • Process data automatically to reduce human error
  • Fast, automated invoice approval process
  • Strengthen security and streamline audit process
  • Eliminate risk misfiling or losing paper documents
  • Transparency in the workflow - minimise bottlenecks


Human Resources

Automate the hiring process and workflow to capture, organise and secure all the information and documents relevant to HR department.

  • Quick retrieval of documents
  • Reduced storage space and costs
  • Secure storage with managed access
  • Efficient authorisation processes – through automated workflows
  • Legal and compliance requirements are met through long term storage of paperless employee files

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Increase compliance, efficiency, information sharing and data gathering.

Frequent changes to government regulations and compliance add additional complexity to managing document workflows and ensuring all intellectual property is kept safe, secure and easy accessible.

  • User Security - Enforce authentication and restrict access as per user protocol
  • Network Security – Encrypt data to and from MFP’s
  • Print Security – Secure print release
  • Scan Security – Integrate scan process to manage any documents in and out
  • Securely capture - extract data and process information from any source
  • Audit trail - Keep audit trails of your document flow through agencies and archive all MFP activity


Connecting all departments seamlessly through efficient scanning, document management and workflow transformation.

  • Control and allocation of print, copy and scan costs to individual users, classrooms or departments
  • Convenient, flexible and secure payment systems for self-service
  • Control and allocation of print, copy and scan costs to specific departments or faculties
  • Mobile and cloud functionality to enable student connectivity
  • Secure archiving of student records
  • Teacher assist to facilitate bubble sheet exam marking
  • Greater workflow efficiency and secure archiving through automated data capturing processes 

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Law Firms and Legal Departments

Store all case related documents, contracts and faxes as searchable PDFs. Quickly find entities including persons, locations, organisations, time and money as well as documents and citations using tags and intelligent search.

  • Authentication, encryption and data loss protection of legal documents
  • Cost recovery and usage reports for customer billing purposes
  • Collaboration and document review allowing multiple users to amend documents at the same time
  • Manage your documents and forms online efficiently
  • Convert all your documents to searchable PDF/A ready for filing and eDiscovery
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Banks and Insurers

Transaction related data can be made transparent and visible via entity extraction features enabling look ups for money, time, organisations, locations and persons in PDF format for long term archiving.

  • Security - user, network, print, scan and data security, audit trails
  • Authentication, encryption and data loss protection of documents
  • Cost recovery and usage reports for customer billing purposes
  • Manage your documents and forms online efficiently
  • Quick retrieval of documents

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Our Partners

We partner with trusted, award winning technology vendors who work with us to achieve exceptional results, propelling your business forward.



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Our team of Solutions specialists provide product integration for efficiency, paperwork reduction, process improvements, and assistance in meeting compliance requirements.

Our Optimised Workflow Solutions help reduce costs and streamline repetitive tasks, restoring the business productivity you need to achieve and maintain profitable growth. Our solutions ensure that business-critical information can be accessed anytime/anywhere from almost any device, which facilitates better decision making and enables more productive collaboration within and between departments.

The benefits of having a managed document solution helps businesses save time and money, by replacing time-consuming, manual document processes with efficient, electronic workflows to capture, store, manage and print all documents.

Our solutions have been created specifically to support the document processes in business-critical departments, including finance, HR, Real Estate and legal. Additionally our solutions will also address risk, compliance and governance across your business.


Optimised Solutions

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Document Capture

Our Solutions bring speed and efficiency to document capture. Scanning, indexing, filing, distributing, retrieving: all of these time-intensive tasks can be accomplished either automatically, when you’re scanning, or within seconds by touching icons on the MFP’s touchscreen control panel. Document capture has never been easier.

Mobile & Cloud

We rely on technology especially phone and tablets to keep in touch and to access information. Our Optimised Mobile Solutions let you fully integrate mobile devices of all types with your network. As well as giving people an easy way to print information from their phones, tablets and laptops, our mobile applications help them securely scan and share documents while they’re away from the office.

Document Management

Our Solutions help everyone in the team to improve efficiency by streamlining repetitive tasks. Now you can scan documents and send them directly to the person, application or business function that needs them. 

In the cloud or on your own servers, our document management software makes business-critical information available to authorised employees anytime, anywhere from almost any device, including phones and tablets.


Cost Control & Security

Take control of your print costs and ensure documents don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Our solutions are secure, dependable and cost effective providing mobility whilst helping you identify waste and assigning print costs to department, projects and cost centres.

Effective management of the entire printing environment, from print queue printing, copy, fax and scan jobs directly to the printer, under control to reduce spending and waste.