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Our Premium Solutions

Today’s integrated phone systems are all about leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a state-of-the-art service.

Our AOMconnect+ product is a next-level system that’s changing the way businesses run their essential phone networks.

As our premier product, AOMconnect+ is underpinned by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology – a must-have platform that delivers tier-one telephone service, and conferencing tools, packaged in affordable solutions.

Using a web-based portal, AOMconnect+ offers the flexibility needed to scale and manage your system, minus the hassle. Through the user-friendly portal, you can make real-time changes to the number of users, call routing, customise essential features and even modify the layout of your phone.

AOMconnect+ offers a more collaborative, efficient, and secure way to communicate anytime, anywhere.  From a user perspective, we offer click to dial integration with Outlook and supported browsers that allow for calls to be made through a simple click. Voicemail messages can also be received via email, creating instantaneous business communication which is needed in today’s workplace.

Lightning fast and ultra-reliable, AOMconnect+ frees you from the need of an on-premise phone system, replacing it with a premium on-boarding platform that’s brilliantly backed by local 24/7 support. 

You can finally say goodbye to outage dramas too, as AOMconnect+ can restore PBX services from our redundant infrastructure after an unexpected storage network or hardware failure thanks to high-availability hardware.


When quality is everything, our AOMconnect+ delivers a service that ensures high quality.


This is ensured by:

  • AOMconnect+ main components being positioned in the most efficient/effective locations on the network. (reducing latency on calls as the VoIP packets have to travel through fewer steps.)
  • A large-pipe network that results in greater capacity for your VoIP calls.
  • AOMconnect+ utilises an over-provisioned network with sufficient bandwidth for rapid changes in demand.


It Works With What You Already Have


Cloud PBX solutions are designed to work hand-in-glove with your favourite applications like Microsoft Outlook/OCS and Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, IBM Sametime, and Google Apps. It can also be integrated with your desktop for fast, easy use.

It unifies messaging services.

Advanced messaging features are crucial for business. ConnectYou offers voicemail, fax to email and voice to email services so you never miss a lead.



Key Features

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